From: Pedro Viveiros <>
18 January 2018

Early Warning System Update and Feedback

First of all, I would like to begin by thanking those of you who have completed the early warning system as well as completing the feedback.

Please see below some of the changes which will be taking shape moving forward to the next cycle of the Early Warning System. 

Make characteristics clearer and make sure leagues can comment on what they are being asked e.g. loss of venue or pub closing down may be difficult for league to answer. 

Comment box will allow for leagues to explain their choice.

Will be kept as Excel document for now but It’s a fluid process so leagues will be encouraged to email when a team gets in trouble, this will be reiterated on the spreadsheet. 

Excel sheet is just a recording process but is still important so as a county we have it on record twice a season, furthermore the majority of the feedback shows Excel sheet is preferred but the need for leagues to highlight to us in-between cycles is also just as important.  

Cells will be unlocked in order to allow names of teams to be changed in case of mistakes.

Feedback to leagues about what we are doing to support clubs will go out after each EWS. 

That final point leads me on nicely…Some of the feedback has shown that, leagues submit their EWS and the feedback then do not hear what we are doing as a county to help their clubs. 

Since the EWS last went out: 
1.    All clubs indicated as at risk were contacted (via emails to manager and secretary) and sent out one or more of the infographics attached, depending on which area they have been indicated as at risk.
2.    Every club which has been indicated as at risk has been added onto the website.
3.    Follow up emails have been sent to those teams who have not responded.
4.    We have undertaken club consultation to review the process. 

Unfortunately the response rate from clubs have been very poor and we understand that this could be because the support package we offer may be outdated or not relevant to clubs so we are looking at conducting more consultation evenings similar to the event we undertook at Aldershot Town FC with clubs in order to find out what clubs would like to see us doing instead in order to improve our support package. 

I would also welcome your thoughts on the support package below. 

Finally, thank you for your continued support and hopefully the next cycle of the EWS we will have a 100% response rate from leagues.

The next cycle will go out in either weeks commencing 29th January or 5th February with a new and improved look based on your feedback.   

Kind Regards, 

Pedro Viveiros