Hampshire Premier League - Registration Form 2016-2017

The Hampshire Premier Football League operates in the County of Hampshire and has 29 clubs (42 teams) divided into three divisions - Senior (18), Division One (11) and Combination (13). Within The Football association's National Pyramid, the League is located at Step 7. The League was formed 2007/2008 and aims to improve competitive County football which is still played in a sporting and spectator-friendly manner.

The Hampshire Premier League Perpetual League Table

by Gary Day

It is good fun to compile the perpetual HPL table at some point in the summer period and I am aware that it is often sent out with the first ‘Puma Post’ of the season in the hope that it does provide a bit of a talking point prior to the season commencing.

So far, twenty-nine teams have played in the League’s Senior Division since its inception nine years ago and two more – Andover Lions and Hayling United – will take the numbers to over thirty when I get around to doing it again in a year’s time!

The table is placed in a particular order – indicating the most points obtained – in accordance with any other league table.  It’s interesting (well it is to me!) that although AFC Stoneham had left our league a year back, they do remain at the top, but only on goal difference from Otterbourne.  Sadly, Otterbourne will not be getting the one point they need to go to the top of the tree as they decided to disband at the end of the season.

Only seven teams who have played in and completed every Senior Division season since the League’s inception in 2007 will remain as continuous members in 2016/17.  Over the years, some clubs – such as Team Solent and AFC Aldermaston – have gone on to move onwards and upwards, whilst others – such as Ludwig Leisure and Bishops Waltham Town – are no more.  Colden Common, who had been in continuous Senior Division membership, will be playing in Division 1 next season and I do feel for them as some clubs that had finished bottom previously were able to escape the ‘dreaded drop’ – I suppose it’s just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I am sure they will bounce back to the Senior Division soon.

There is a column to show the number of titles won – which should be self-explanatory – Baffins Milton Rovers title win was their second and equals the most number of times a title has been won with both Liphook United and the aforementioned Colden Common.

There are three columns on the very end of the table that perhaps need a bit of explanation.  They are entitled ‘Ave Pts’ and ‘Av.Pt.Pos’and ‘Av +/- Move’.  So I’ll try to do that.

‘Av Pts’ shows the average number of points obtained by each team whilst playing in the Senior Division only.  

‘Av Pt.Pos’ indicates the clubs position (out of 29) based on the average points they’ve obtained.  Why have I done this?  Well, you could argue that a team entering the league in more recent years would struggle to make an impact on points obtained alone, despite having an excellent average points record.  This is borne out by the first and second positions of Baffins Milton Rovers (played 100 matches) and Team Solent (128); both of whom are in ‘mid table’ on points obtained overall.

‘Av +/- Move’ shows teams that have moved up or down based on the average points position they were at last season.  Think of it like the pop charts, for those old enough to have watched programmes like Top of the Pops!  The big movers upwards this summer were Hamble Club (who went up by five positions) and Bush Hill who went up three.  There is also another, perhaps strange, upward mover as the University of Portsmouth, who haven’t played in the HPL for a while, also improved their position by three places (due to clubs around them being current and failing to improve their average in 2015/16).  Just to keep with the pop theme ‘new entry’ is shown against Infinity, who played in their first Senior Division season and, although 26th on points obtained, are in a quite healthy 13th place on average points obtained.  The big mover downwards was Stockbridge who dropped a whopping nine places on their position last summer.

I hope that I have explained the table satisfactorily.

If you have the electronic version of the spreadsheet then don’t forget to scroll down and find your team’s final position over the nine seasons of the league (in both Senior and Division 1) and it is interesting to note from looking at this that Baffins Milton Rovers became the first PEHPL Champions to actually be promoted into the Wessex League.  Now, that’s taken a while to achieve!!  

Well, that’s it …  I look forward to seeing you on the touchline as the season unfolds.

Overall Record of Puma Engineering Hampshire Premier League Senior Division Clubs (including May 2016)


The above league table is formulated on the total points collected as a PEHPL Senior Division club
The two columns after 'titles'show the average points obtained and the club's position based on that average
An example of how the final columns apply: Baffins Milton Rovers are 15th in the table on actual points obtained but 1st on average points obtained
The 'Av +/- Move' column denotes how the clubs average points position has changed in 12 months
* denotes points adjustment

Hampshire Premier League Senior Division - Final Positions 2007 to 2016

Hampshire Premier League Division One - Final Positions to 2016

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