The Brushmakers ArmsThe Brushmakers Arms

Secretary: Roger Cooper Tel: 07925 054873 Email: racooper@dsl.pipex.com
Ground: Upham Recreation Ground, Rays Farm, Upham, Southampton SO32 1JJ
Colours Royal blue shirts, shorts & socks (with white trim)
Alternative colours: Yellow/black shirts, black/yellow shorts & yellow socks

Monday 9 February 2015 / News - It may be a first for football in Hampshire.
A Hampshire Premier League match on Saturday was called off because of bird flu.
The match between Upham and Four Marks was postponed because the onekilometre restriction zone imposed by DEFRA meant the Upham Recreation Ground, on Shoe Lane, and nearby footpaths have been closed.
Upham FC secretary Roger Cooper said last night: I have been with the club 40 years and I was trying to remember if we have had anything like this, perhaps with foot and mouth.
Parish council clerk Anne Collins last night said she had heard the restrictions would last through February.
As previously reported ten thousand chickens have been culled at Bigpath Farm after the outbreak was confirmed on February 2.
It is only the second place where bird flu has been confirmed in the UK since 2008.


The Brushmakers Arms

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