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Newsletter No 07/2017-18 (17-09-2017)

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Don’t forget if you or any member of your club aged 21-40 and fit are looking for a job or perhaps a change of career to a rewarding one working and assisting some of the most disadvantaged children then to contact our sponsors New Forest Care. Contact details on the picture above.

Any staff member recruited who confirms the club they got the information from will see that club awarded £250.

The Rep team are entering the FA Inter-League’s Cup and on 30th September will be taking on the Cambridgeshire County League. (Venue currently being arranged)

The side are being joint-managed by Rich Bessey & Dean Inman who have the following request for clubs and players:

If you wish to register a new player who when you add him does not have a FAN number already, please immediately email HFA & Pete Lynes, the players name and date of birth and once the FAN number is issued by HFA, we will back date the registration to the date and time of the email if not received that day. The fact that the system will say it’s an “Emergency Registration” can be ignored.

If you do not, then the registration will not be dated but approved on the day that it is received in the pending file.

Any registrations “signed” on the day of the match for combination division matches, but don’t arrive in the pending file until Sunday (or the day after the match etc) will be backdated to 12pm (Sats) & 5pm (Weekdays). The fact that the system will say it’s an “Emergency Registration” can be ignored.

A reminder that only 2 players can be signed on the day of the game. Please get the referee to sign next to the players’ name on the team sheet.

The registration cut off times have not changed. It is still 6pm prior to the day of the game.

During the latter stages of the transfer process between HPFL clubs, the registration secretary will first approve the transfer then cancel the existing registration allowing the “losing” club to detach the player from their club.

Just as a common courtesy, please can you also email Sydenhams and Wyvern League clubs as you would have previously if you wish to dual register one of their players. We have also asked them to do likewise. This is because their secretaries may not see your notice of approach on the Whole Game System. The Sydenhams League in particular are not using the WGS system this season.

Please email Pete Lynes if a Sydenhams or Wyvern League Clubs dual sign one of your players so that we can make sure that their HPFL registration isn’t cancelled. If no dual registration is involved, please email Pete Lynes so that the player’s HPFL is cancelled.

Please remember that you must put in a 7 day approach to any club playing Saturday football for dual registration.

Clubs are encouraged to make any payment to the league by BACS transfer and if necessary amend their bank account in order to do so. Details of the league’s bank account to make a bank transfer can be found on the relevant invoice/fine notice.

In the meantime, can clubs please ensure all cheque payments are sent directly to the treasurer Peter Sowton with a note of what the payment is for, rather than sent to any other league official.

Peter’s address can be found in the handbook.

A reminder to all clubs and match officials, that if you do not intend to stay afterwards for hospitality, can you please let the host club know well in advance. Can clubs providing hospitality please consider the health issues of leaving a plate of sandwiches in an unventilated dressing room for a large period of time in warm weather, and make every effort to keep food chilled for as long as possible.

For Senior Division clubs - The FA’s Step 7 minimum ground grading requirements are as follows: “There shall be a refreshment room or social club available for players together with refreshment facilities for spectators ½ hour prior to kick off and during the game. These facilities may be of a temporary or mobile type.”

Please remind your teams to throw any old sock tape, drink bottles in the bin, rather than simply dropping them on the floor. Please also refrain from using the showers to wash boots and subsequently blocking up the showers and drains. You wouldn’t do it at home, so please treat the changing rooms and club volunteers with the respect they deserve.

A reminder of League rule 10 (D).

“The secretary of the home club must give notice of full particulars of the location of, and access to, the ground and kick off time to the match officials and the secretary of the opposing club at least 5 (five) clear days prior to the playing of the match. If not so provided, the away club shall seek such details and report the circumstances to the competition.”

We have already received a couple of complaints this season in regards to this rule. If it continues to be flouted, clubs will be charged.

A reminder that for Senior Division and Senior League Cup matches only, the club assistant referee must not be someone named on the team sheet and match officials must report it to the league.

Clubs who do so may be charged for failing to comply with a league instruction.

The league are pleased to announce the return of the small projects grant scheme, where clubs can apply for upto £500 from the league for things such as re-painting the clubhouse/changing rooms, new dug outs etc.  The scheme will accept applications upto and including 31st December this year.

A copy of the application form can be downloaded from the league’s full time page or please email Paul Proctor to request a copy.

Any club wishing to put one of their match day officials/volunteers on the Hampshire FA First aid course to give you additional medical coverage at your matches, the league are willing to reimburse the cost (£25) once your representative has completed it.

A list of current courses and their venues in Portsmouth/Totton/Basingstoke can be found on the Hampshire FA website.

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